Employers’ Federation of Road Transport (ALT), founded in 1945, is a national employers’ association which represents and looks after transport companies’ and entrepreneurs’ interests in labour market matters. ALT’s member companies are mainly good’s transport companies and passenger transport companies (excluding taxis), but also logistics warehouses, order centrals for taxi and good’s transport.

ALT’s most important task is to conclude collective agreements to the road transport industry in Finland. The federation concludes six collective agreements with Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT and one collective agreement with Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO. Six of those collective agreements are in legal position generally binding which means that every company in those sectors in Finland has to apply the regulations of the collective agreement.

ALT participates in legislative and other decision-making of the road transport industry in Finland as well as in the European Union and it has good and wide connections to other organisations, authorities and interest groups. Federation’s task is to supervise its’ members’ labour market interests in all levels.

ALT is a member of: FinMobility, UITP, IRU and EuroTra.